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Sammy Spindler

Height: 5'7"

Class: 2021

Hometown: Highlands Ranch, CO


High School: Rock Canyon High School


High School

6 time letter winner in Cross Country and Track … Captain of both Senior year…. Went to NXR her sophomore, junior, and senior year …. Ran cross country all 4 years and track 3 … Broke school history with team at State her senior year for cross country by placing third … Enjoyed the 4x800m race in track the most … Not really feeling like stating any PR’s but you can look her up on Milesplit if you are really THAT interested … Ran two half-marathons this summer and placed 4th in the first one and 1st in the second in the 19 and under age group … Is really uncoordinated ... Tried basketball, volleyball, softball, gymnastics, tennis, soccer, t-ball, and swimming ... Was just horrible at it all so running was the last option.


Daughter of Joe and Lori Spindler … Is a quadruplet (so yes three other people born at the same time) ... Has a huge family with lots of relatives ... Was born in Denver, then moved to Nebraska in 4th grade and lived there for 5 years, then moved back to Denver for high school … While living in Nebraska she showed chickens, ducks and lambs at the Fair but was the only one in her family that never won anything … The country life isn’t REALLY for her … LOVES God, running, scary movies, and just hanging out with genuine people… Also likes long car rides at night and mostly listens slow alternative music ... (mad a "sad gorl" playlist with her roomie) ... Majoring in pre-nursing and wants to become a NICU nurse … Thinks that's it for now.


if you have had the honor and privilege of meeting sammy jo, congratulations. you have met one of the all time legends of this club. THE sammy spindler showed up her freshman year, ready to step into this next chapter of her running career. as she showed up to those practices her freshman year, she was greeted by a handful of guys. that’s right— on fast(!!)...guys. she showed up and she would run with them everyday without complaint. little did she know that with every mile, she was building up the foundation of something much bigger. something much bigger than herself, and now something much bigger than all of us. 

asking sammy to become an officer in the spring semester of that same year was most definitely one of the best decisions that the club has ever been made. anyone who has been around long enough to remember the version of the club that existed before this decision was made would not hesitate to agree. the club that is here now exists as it is because of the great courage that sammy led with as a little freshman, and because of the unceasing effort and love she has continued to pour into this club since then. anyone who has encountered sammy during her time here knows that she is one of the best, most genuine friends you could ever have. she loves each and every person around her selflessly and wholeheartedly, and witnessing this quality of her's is pretty incredible. 


she has showed all of us how to better love and care for one another. she has showed us all what it means to be a truly great friend. and she has showed us how to walk (or run) with grace through all the curveballs life may throw our way. sammy is a radiant light, and even though she’s transitioning into that exciting next chapter of her life, her light will still be shining bright within this club for many years to come. thank you, sammy. for everything.

“If the sun were a person, it would be Sammy, hands down. I have never met anyone that is able to radiate such love and kindness to everyone around her, it’s so insane. She is going to be a Saint one day.”

“Everyone needs a Sammy in their life - always smiling, having a good time, and helping those around her be the best version of themselves.”

“Sammy! I love you so much and can’t wait to see all the great things you do. I am beyond thankful for your kind soul, and really look up to the say you serve others.”

“the most welcoming, generous, and thoughtful human being, Sammy can literally raise your spirits with a smile. a true blessing to the world!”


“Sammy Spindler never fails to put a smile on my face. Her kindness is unmatched. She made KU and the running club feel more like a home. There’s no one I’d rather sprain my ankle in the levee trails with. I’ll miss her jalapeno and cream cheese pizza loving self!”

“Meeting Sammy was one of the greatest blessings I could ever have received. She is incredibly selfless, always more than willing to go to the ends of the earth to bring others Joy. Through the ups and downs, Sammy will always be there to cast a ray of sunshine on her friend’s lives. Sammy transformed the running club the minute she joined, and her impact will be felt for years to come.”

“few words can accurately describe Sammy in the way that she deserves. i have never met such a kind-hearted, genuine person in my life. she radiates beauty and joy and love, and can brighten anyone’s day with her bright smile. she is a friend that will always stick by your side and who will always encourage you to be your best self. i am so lucky to have such an incredible person in my life.”

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