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Mark Harrington

Height: 5'8"

Class: 2021

Hometown: Albuquerque, NM


High School: Albuquerque Academy



Saw action in the Bob Timmons Classic 6k and the Rim Rock College Classic 8k, clocking times of 20:20 and 27:43, respectively … Accidentally slept through the Kansas Half-Marathon/5k … Took 2nd place in the UCA Spring Opener 5k … Ran a 15:40 5k at the Kansas Relays.


Ran 100 miles for his birthday week... Paid for it dearly and was placed on IR for first half of the season... Won the Kansas 5k... Regressed.


Gutted out a top 10 performance at the Chili Pepper Invitational… Shocked the world with a 1:16:33, 3rd place finish at the Kansas Half Marathon… Had a whole lotta fun… Corona


Dug holes… Cabeza Szn… Ended Aiden’s whole career at the KURC Virtual 5K… Won NIRCA Nats in a 17:59… Got the follow-back from Bryce Hoppel… Did better than Ross


High School

Eight-time letterwinner in Cross Country and Track … Helped team to five state championships … Claimed All-State Cross Country honors in 2015 and 2016 … Personal bests include a 16:00:00 5k and a 9:52 3,200 meters … Would rather not talk about any PRs in events shorter than a full mile … Would also like to emphasize that he ran at altitude … Hill specialist … Holder of at least 3 unofficial records, including most sliced beets eaten in a single sitting  … Hit a half-court buzzer beater against the Moriarty Pintos  … Only went to detention twice.



Son of Steve and Sue … Has one older sister, Meredith … Went strictly by the name “Pex” for all of middle and high school … Majoring in Finance and Economics … LinkedIn user … Podcast subscriber long before they went mainstream … Considers long walks on the beach to be overrated … Probably better at Super Smash Bros. than you … Once completed an entire Pokédex … Davos Seaworth enthusiast … Regards Johnny Appleseed as the greatest American hero of all time … Believes the American Bison to be a top 3 animal (ask about the other 2) … New Mexico True … Always trims the wicks of his scented candles.


Mark Harrington, the man who effectively helped rebuild the University’s Running Club, increasing participation from around 5 consistent members to over 20, and growing revenue by over 3,000% in two semesters, hatched a vision... a vision where runners fast and slow, male and female, big and little, crooked and well-aligned, could come together and do what they love. To make jokes, tell stories, create stories... a vision that could one day be passed on to the next generation. See, for Mark, it was not enough to merely see beauty. He wanted something else which could hardly be put into words--to be united with the beauty, to see into the heart of things, to pass into it, to receive it into himself, to bathe in it, to become part of it. He trusted the process and allowed the Painter to work and in his patience, that vision is no longer a far-off goal of his, but a reality we've all stepped into. Due to his efforts, the KURC has become a living, breathing thing--a baby now grown and passed on to the next generation. It's a place where strangers can become friends, lovers, and family; where goals are made and accomplished; where lives are changed and souls are saved. Although he parts from us, he leaves behind a foundation full of Bath and Body Works candles, buffalos, mullets, Blue Moons, unforgettable memories, unconditional love, and words of wisdom--a foundation that will only continue to be built upon by the members of today and tomorrow. Thanks Mark.

“There’s no doubt that Mark has left such a big impact during his time here. He’s got the words to tug at the heartstrings but the jokes to tickle the funny bones. The amount of love he puts into the club and everyone that make it, is truly inspiring—he is like a dad! and KURC is like his child.”

“There are so many things to love about Mark - his beautiful mullet, aviator shades, witty human, and emails, I could go on and on. I was lucky enough to really get to know the man behind those shades this year and the perspective he has on life and on the world is something that I greatly admire and something that will stay with me forever.”

“Thanks for all you have done for KURC. I really admire your sense of humor and your work ethic.”

“When I first met Mark I was initially intimidated by his fast 5K time, handsome looks, and admirable pecks. But as I got to know Mark, I soon realized that he was one of the most lovable, genuine, and thoughtful people I have ever met. I will always remember Mark for his incalculable contribution to the club and the fond memories we shared over his four years with us.”

“mark is quite literally a five year old child and a dad at the same time. he says and does the most ridiculous, hilarious, attention-seeking things—ALL the time. but somehow he is also one of the most compassionate, intentional, well-versed, and mature people i know. he looks out for his friends and gives the best (and at times, father-like) advice. i honestly don’t know how these two versions of him coexist, but all in all, he is a pretty special friend.”

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