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Jackson Bontty

Height: 6' 3"

Class: Junior

Hometown: Rock Hill, MO

High School: Webster Groves HS


Working on a Masters of Architecture degree, getting minimal hours of sleep with maximum hours of model making fun. Currently serving as the KURC Treasurer. I thoroughly enjoy early morning runs with the boys (and queens) and eating lots of eggs and avocado toast afterwards.

High School

Had a friend who told me this “cross country” thing was cool before high school started so I went to a summer practice and have been getting injured ever since. Broke both feet (ran on a broken one for a half mile of a race and still ran 18:20), broke femur, and had a lot of IT band problems. Managed to secure a Missouri state medal in the 4x800m by taking it out in a 54 and holding first for a solid 100m before I realized I was not that fast and ended on a 67.


I am 20 stunning years of age and my favorite things are running (cuz obviously), cooking (cuz a man gotta eat), and sketching (cuz architecture). I’m from the 314, the lou, STL, or WG. Love watching blues games and going to the Loop. Also love going to parks and biking all around my hometown. I have a girlfriend of 3 years who I definitely talk about way too much, but I love the gal. As I said before I love going to parks, but more generally I’m a big nature guy and love being outside when I can.

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