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Hope Henningsen

Height: 5' 6"

Class: Junior

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

High School: Linbergh HS


The first week of freshman year she found out she wasn’t cut out for sorority recruitment. After vowing she would never run a cross country race again she joined KU running club in a last ditch effort to make friends. The club has taken her to Arkansas, Illinois, and Legends place apartment where she currently resides with three fellow members. Memories include friends giving a Mmoney’s villa, taking third in the sand volleyball tournament (‘19), and spraining her ankle a mile into the levee bike trails (it too bad sammy spinds doesn’t hit the weights bc she couldn’t piggy back her). Served as the 2020-21 marketing chair to recruit runners during the covid-19 pandemic. Luckily everyone and their mom picked up running during quarantine, so her job was fairly easy. She now is the treasurer of the running club also referred to as “the money launderer”. In her free time she can be found searching for friends on linkedin because she’s exhausted the running club members. 

High School

Solidified her reputation of being picked last in gym class by joining the sport that requires no hand eye coordination. A four year varsity letter holder in cross country & track. Her favorite event was the 4x800m relay where she led off the race with a blazing start each time. Two time all-state medal holder in that event. She also participated in the symphonic orchestra and the strolling strings (& yes she still managed to have cool friends). 


Daughter of John and Britt Henningsen. Most asian girls seen wearing lululemon can be mistaken for her. She enjoys cooking and posting on her food insta @eatsbyhope. Has vines and a fruit poster in her bedroom because she is like other girls. Biggest flex is seeing the 1975 @ Lollapalooza in Paris the summer of ‘19. Three years removed from attending Lindbergh High School and she can still be found picnicking on the football field with high school friends.

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