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Ben Gillig

Height: 6'3"

Class: 2020

Hometown: Shawnee, KS


High School: Mill Valley HS


Joined the Club his sophomore year. Competed in the Dr. Bob 5K, Lawrence, 5K/Half Marathon, Chili Pepper Invitational, Haskell Invitational, Emporia State Invitational, and Baker Invitational. Achieved PRs of 16:33 (5K), 29:04 (8K), 36:45 (10K), 1:24:24 (half marathon), and 4:36 (1500m). Was told that he wasn't allowed to leave after graduating so took the rule to heart and decided to stay another year and a half for graduate school.


High School

Ran cross country and track all four years... Was a two time letter winner in both sports. Had PRs of 18:12 (5K), 10:43 (3200m), 4:44 (s/o Hova) (1600m), and 2:08 (800m). Got last in the 400m at the 5A Regional track meet.



Son of Tanya and Brian Gillig. Has one sister; Katya. Majoring in Marketing & Business Analytics. Avid music and basketball lover. As you can tell from his bio, a man of few words.


“BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOOOOOM!” Ben: bars, buckets, big ole heart. And iced-out fits, but that doesn’t start with a ‘B’. Ben is a man who makes his words count, who eats the same dinner every night—a PBJ (organic strawberry spread, creamy JIF), cashews, peanut butter Clif bar—and Special K for breakfast, whose eclectic music catalog puts others to shame, who is the essence of a chill vibe, and whose gentle voice drips with enough kindness to brighten your whole week. Ben’s fingerprints are all over this Club; he’s an absolute minister of culture, and while turning this website into a gem as Marketing Officer might be his most tangible accomplishment, we could all agree that his loving spirit has touched the hearts of every member, and formed a legacy of kindness and joy that will last long beyond his departure. The words of one man don’t do Ben’s impact justice, however, so here’s a non-exhaustive sampling of the many hearts he’s touched: 


“Ben is the most wholesome person out there and is nice to everyone he meets. That’s why he’s so tall—because he has so much nice in him. I’m so thankful he’s my friend, because he’s one of the best.”


“'I admire your passion and your heart. It has inspired me to love life a little bit more each day.' 

Love, Goose” (couldn’t keep this one anonymous)


“Not only is Ben a nice and caring member of the Club, he’s a good teammate and opponent on the basketball court. He always added more fun…”


“There are a great many things great about the great Ben, but the greatest thing about Ben is his great laugh.” 


“Ben Gillig: a man of few words, each intentionally chosen. His caring personality manifests wherever he’s at. A solid member to any social group. Always able to be counted on.”

"It took a lot of time to get to know Ben, but it was time well spent. Ben's impact on the club was great, but the presence that he has been in each of our lives is even greater. Love you buddy." 


"You'll always be family to me, and I will hold the memories we made together very close for the rest of my life. I truly wouldn't change a thing." These words were Ben’s, in his tear-jerking senior speech. They say that what you get out of something is what you put into it; Ben, it’s all mutual, and you getting so much out of this Club and growing so much as a runner and as a person is no coincidence. Your presence has been a true blessing, and one that will be felt long after your graduation. Thanks for everything buddy. :-) <3

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