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Amanda Schmidt

Height: 5' 5"

Class: Senior

Hometown: Morris, IL


High School: Morris Community HS


... I showed up to practice sometimes and somehow became an officer.

High School

Captain of XC team senior year. Nothing really to brag about as far as times or places. Was a member of high school’s first ever Regional Championship team. Started off doing XC for poops ‘n giggles because volleyball was miserable. Never ran track. Was a 3 sport STUDENT ATHLETE.


Daughter of Chuck and Lori. Youngest of 4 kiddos. From Chicago, Illinois. And by that I mean Morris, Illinois... home of the Annual Grundy County Corn Festival. D.A.R.E. Essay contest winner. Biggest personality trait is reciting the entire That’s So Raven theme song. Meal Prepper. CrossFit junkie. Bookworm. Moonwalker. That person to take sand volleyball way too seriously. Hobbies include pop, lock, and dropping, stalking people on Zillow & social media, balling up, calling my mom 42 times a day, and being a goofball. Lover of anything peanut butter. Favorite Dugger family member is Joy-Anna (the 9th Dugger). In the future, I hope to shut down La Croix, beat teen pregnancy (So close, fingers crossed!), and go to heaven. (Contrary to popular belief, my shirt is The Notorious B.I.G., NOT Cee Lo Green.)

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